Snagit 13.0.2

A click, hold and drag screen capture and screen recording software

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    Windows Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Snagit 13.0.2
Snagit 12.4

Snagit is a tool for those who wish to take video recording of their screens. Whether they need to show the proper way to use software for an entire company or they are learning from an online course and want to remember the information, Snagit is a great tool for keeping the things that matter most.

The user interface for Snagit is very similar to the interface for the Windows Snipping Tool. Users simply make an outline around the video that they want to capture and let it record. It feels incredibly easy and super intuitive to use no matter the skill level one has on the computer.

Snagit is a paid download, although there is a free trial. It currently is offered in English, German, French, and Italian. It runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Apple operating systems. Those who have older operating systems may wish to contact Snagit before purchasing the software.

Snagit is a great tool for not only individuals but also for businesses. It allows for sharing on a massive scale quite easily. Depending on different factors though, the price may go up or down when used for professional use.

There have been some complaints from users that the video reproduction quality of Snagit is lacking. Because it is not the original video there will be some quality loss in the screencast. That being said, users can still edit and zoom in and out on videos that they have captured with Snagit. Users can add text and even icons to the screen to highlight exactly what they are doing. It is especially fun to make GIFS and other short videos on this tool.

There have also been some complaints that Snagit malfunctions on Windows 10. It may be best to contact Snagit before purchasing the software for Windows 10.

While Snagit is not a perfect tool, it is a good tool to have for any user. It is perfect for highlighting a new product in motion for a professional email or to create the next viral GIF.


  • Easy to use
  • Capture and edit different kinds of videos
  • Create GIFs
  • Share creations quickly and easily with small or large amounts of people


  • May not work as well, or at all, on newer Windows operating systems
  • Is a paid software and can get expensive depending on the users' needs
  • Editing requires more software

Many individuals require an excellent screen capture software to snag images, text or video off their browser or desktop. One of the best choices for this type of software is Snagit.

Developed by Techsmith, Snagit has the ability to capture and annotate still images for individuals that just want to keep an image on hand or create a tutorial. For years, the software only allowed a user to capture still shots, but it now has the ability to also capture video from websites such as YouTube.

While the software does have a number of editing features, it is not as complete as Techsmith's Camtasia Studio. For individuals that do not require all the bells and whistles, Snagit is an excellent choice for keeping or sharing images or short videos

Users have the ability to download other annotation tools if they like, and Techsmith has included the ability for users to download plug-ins and share their creations on websites such as Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.

Another great feature with Snagit software is the ability to capture text. If users have text that they want to snag an image of, the software will automatically detect the type of text and allow for export into a text editing program. This is ideal for users that want to quickly copy text from applications such as Notepad or Microsoft Word.

Snagit has many features for the individual that just wants to capture text or short videos. It has the ability to share those images or videos with other users on social websites and makes this an excellent choice for screen capture software.


  • Images can be captured quickly with just the click of a button
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Gives the user the ability to snag short videos
  • Easy ability to share on popular social websites


  • Features may not be sophisticated enough for professional users

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